Awapuhi Finishing Spray 300ml



• This finely crafted styling spray provides a highly luminous finish to hairstyles, offering a manageable and flexible hold suitable for final styling of all hair types.

• The delicate mist design not only locks in styles effortlessly but also contains nourishing resin components, providing hair with a soft, dynamic texture and increased volume. Even in humid weather, there’s no need to worry about deformation or flattening caused by moisture.

• Enriched with heat protector factors, it protects hair from the harmful effects of UV rays; while the Awapuhi essence ensures perfect moisture balance, giving hair a dry, bright texture.

• 这款精致的定型喷雾能为发型提供极为光亮、易梳理且可塑性的效果,适用于所有发型的最后造型定型。

• 精致的喷雾设计不仅能轻松锁定发型,富含的树脂滋养成分还能赋予头发柔软的动感和丰富的发量。即使在潮湿的天气中,也无需担心湿气带来的变形和塌陷问题。

• 含有防晒因子,保护头发免受紫外线的伤害;而 Awapuhi 精华则提供完美的水分平衡,赋予发丝一种干爽明亮的质地。