Glu Simply Natural Intensive Repair Shampoo 300ml/1000ml


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Specially for brazillian treated hair / rebonding hair / frizzy hair. Stay gorgeous with this ultra-smoothing hair shampoo. This shampoo is Halal. Enriched with precious Marula Oil leaves every strand perfectly aligned, straight and gloss. Its intensive softening and moisturizing benefits nourishes bouncy and coarse hair. It tames unmanageable hair. Hair is revived with softness, shine and vitality for silky smooth, sleek, manageability and lustrous.

适用于巴西烫发、拉直烫发以及易卷曲头发。想要让直发后效果更持久就需用上这极致柔顺的洗发精。 This shampoo is Halal。它富含珍贵的马鲁拉油,让每根爨丝完美垂顺笔直及亮彩光泽。其含深层柔化和滋润的成分,给予秀发弹性,滋养粗燥发丝及驯服鸡以梳理的秀发。秀发重现柔美亮丽,赋予活力,再现丝滑亮泽且易梳理,唤起发丝的莹亮多彩。

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1000ml, 300ml