Awapuhi Keratin Cream Rinse 250ml/1000ml



• With the “Keratin Complex Formula,” this ultra-smooth silk milk is enriched with moisturizing ingredients that instantly eliminate post-shampoo dryness and tangles. It replenishes moisture and nutrients, restoring hair to a stunningly smooth and shiny state.

• The formula, rich in keratin components, penetrates the inner layers of the hair, repairing damaged hair roots and forming a protective layer on the outer layer, shielding hair from environmental and heat damage.

• The abundant moisturizing ingredients instantly make hair smooth, reducing tangles and frizz while replenishing hair nutrients and minimizing static-induced knots.

• 含有“角蛋白复合配方”的极致光润丝乳,富含滋润成分,能即刻消除洗发后的干燥与缠结,同时补充水分和养分,使头发立即恢复令人惊艳的柔顺和光泽。

• 富含角质成分的配方能渗透头发内层,修复受损的头发根基,并在头发外层形成保护层,防止环境和热风对头发造成的伤害。

• 丰富的滋润成分能瞬间使头发顺滑。在补充头发营养的同时,降低静电产生的缠结和毛躁。