Obsidian Keratin Boost Up Leave-In Treatment 150ml



  • 不需冲洗的护理产品,方便使用。
  • 冷榨椰子油形成保护层,保护头发免受热损伤,如吹风机和直发器。
  • 角蛋白蛋白和保湿成分为受损的头发呈现丝般柔滑的质地。
  • 甜美舒适的香气带来一种优雅的清新感。
  • Rinseless type treatment that easy to use.
  • Protective layers from cold press coconut oil protects your hair from heat damages such as hair dryer and magic iron.
  • Keratin protein and moisturizing components presents silky texture to your damaged hair.
  • Sweet and cozy scents presents an elegant refreshment.