Awapuhi Hydrocream Whip 200ml



• The extremely lightweight and moisturizing base effectively adds volume and fullness to the hair, enhancing voluminous lines and a fluffy appearance, ideal for styling bobs and curls.

• Designed with a creamy base, it efficiently repairs surface damage to the hair, replenishing moisture, and smoothing out frizz.

• Enjoy its long-lasting effects, providing easy combing and incredibly soft control. Throughout the day, your hair will maintain its volume without flattening.

• 极度轻盈的润泽基底能有效地丰厚发干,增添头发丰盈线条与蓬松发量,适合波波头和卷发的线条整理。

• 乳霜基底设计,能有效地修复毛发表层损伤,补充水分、抚平毛躁。

• 享受它长时间的维持效果,和可梳开、极为柔软的控制力,一整天下来,头发都不会扁塌。