Keratriplex Treatment 10mlx10



This single-use ampoule is packed with a highly concentrated “100% Keratin Complex Formula,” allowing keratin proteins to be immediately absorbed by the hair, repairing damaged strands from the inside out. We use keratin, hydrolyzed keratin, and oxidized keratin, with all three forms broken down into molecular-sized units for optimal penetration into the cortex layer. This process strengthens and repairs the hair, restoring the outer cuticle, and forming a protective layer that adheres to the surface, safeguarding against future damage.

• Keratin: A fibrous protein, a vital structural component of the skin.

• Hydrolyzed Keratin: A moisturizing agent with excellent reparative capabilities for damaged hair. It protects hair from harm, imparting softness and a moisturized feel.

• Oxidized Keratin: A conditioning agent for both skin and hair.


• 角蛋白 Keratin — 一种纤维蛋白,皮肤最重要的构成结构。

• 水解角蛋白 Hydrolyzed Keratin — 湿润剂,对于受损的头发有非常好的修护能力。保护头发免于伤害,使头发具有柔软性、湿润感。

• 氧化角蛋白 Oxidized Keratin — 皮肤及头发的调理剂。