Awapuhi Styling Treatment Oil 100ml



• This non-greasy ultimate shine repair oil quickly penetrates the inner layers of the hair after shampooing, providing replenishment of moisture and shine. Regardless of hair type, it leaves a completely weightless, smooth, and silky feel, making it a top-tier essential in hair care.

• The lightweight formula, without any burden, is perfect for use on damp hair as a styling primer and nutrient boost before blow-drying. When used on dry hair, it smoothens frizz, adds shine, and enhances a soft, refined texture.

• 这款完全不黏腻的极致光修护油,在洗发后迅速渗透进入头发内层,提供丰富的滋润和水分补充。不论发质如何,使用后都带来一种完全无负担的光滑柔顺感,是基础护理的顶级圣品。

• 完全没有负担感的轻盈配方,极适合用于湿发,作为吹风前的造型打底和养分补充。在干发上使用,能够抚平毛躁、增添光泽,强化柔滑细腻的触感。