Hydratriplex Treatment 10mlx10



Product Features: Instant Smoothness / Strength and Protection / Deep Hydration / Revitalizing

• A rich and concentrated blend of amino acids, plant proteins, and nourishing oils that softens and enhances manageability for 82%* of dry, curly hair.

• HydraTriplex™ technology hydrates, binds, and seals each cuticle, revitalizing dry strands and improving overall manageability.

• The abundance of moisturizing ingredients instantly provides long-lasting smoothness to the hair.

• 富含氨基酸、植物蛋白和营养油的丰富浓缩混合物,能使82%*的干燥卷曲的头发更柔软,更易于处理。

• HydraTriplex™技术可水合、粘合和密封每个表皮,使干燥的发束恢复活力,并改善头发更易管理。

• 丰富的滋润成分能瞬间让头发持久顺滑。