Glu Bouncy Curls 250ml



For all hair types. Bouncy Curls is a cream with hydrolyzed soy protein to beautify the curve of curly hair and secures your style in place without weighing it down. Suitable to maximise the bounce of curly hair, this lightweight gel infuses hair with strong curl definition and hydration, without the sticky feeling.

适用于所有发质。Bouncy Curls是一款含有水解大豆蛋白的护发霜,可以美化卷曲发型的曲线,使发型保持在位而不显得沉重。适用于最大程度地提升卷曲发型的弹性,这款轻盈的凝胶赋予头发强烈的卷曲定义和保湿效果,而不会有黏腻感。