Glu Simply Natural Intensive Repair Conditioner 300ml/1000ml


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Specially for repairing dry and damaged hair. This shampoo is Halal. This luxuriously smooth daily hair and scalp conditioner infused with precious Marla Oil instantly delivers deep nutritive benefits to repair dry and damaged hair, smoothens cuticles, leaving hair clump free and silky smooth, lustrous and visibly healthier. Every rinse leaves hair feeling thoroughly refreshed and restores hair to its optimal healthy condition.

专为修复干燥和受损头发而设计。This shampoo is Halal。此秀发及头皮护发素添加了珍贵的马鲁拉油,能瞬间提供深层滋养,修复干燥受损发质,抚平毛鲜片,展现轻盈柔软,丝滑柔顺,饱满耀丽及健康动人的秀发。

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1000ml, 300ml