Glu Simply Natural Scalp Cool Shampoo 1000ml



Specially for thinning hair and sensitive scalp. This shampoo is Halal and 100% Vegan. Formulated with both Organic Chamomile Extract and Peppermint Essential Oil, it deeply nourishes hair from root to tip, thus, restoring hair density and vitality which effectively prevent hair loss. It brings a cooling sensation to its users as it contains a high concentration level of menthol. 

专为稀疏的头发和敏感的头皮设计。This shampoo is Halal and 100% Vegan。含有機洋甘菊精華和薄荷精油,從根部至髮尾深層滋養頭髮,恢復頭髮密度與活 力,有效防止脫髮。此洗髮露含高濃度薄荷醇,用後帶來清涼感覺。