Awapuhi Hydromist Blow Out Spray 150ml



• Infused with Awapuhi extract and honey ingredients. The extremely lightweight and moisturizing base effectively balances moisture, smoothes frizz, and imparts a translucent water-like shine to the hair.

• A highly expressive blow-drying mist that creates perfect blow-dry styles, adding long-lasting memory to the hairstyle.

• It helps hair resist flattening in humid air while protecting it from the damaging effects of sunlight.

• 添加莆薏精华与蜂蜜成分。极度轻盈的滋润基底能有效地平衡水分和抚顺毛躁,提供头发透亮水感。

• 高度表现力的吹风发雾,能打造完美的吹风造型,增添发型长效的记忆性。

• 它能帮助头发抵抗潮湿空气的扁塌,同时保护头发免受阳光的伤害。