Awapuhi Moisturizing Lather Shampoo 250ml/1000ml



• Free from harsh surfactants, this shampoo cleanses all hair types gently. Its dense and delicate foam allows you to indulge in the joy of washing, making it a shampoo filled with an ultimate sense of pampering.

• It provides just the right amount of moisture to the hair, protecting hair color and enhancing hair brightness while effectively cleaning all hair types. It is safe for use even on sensitive skin types.

• The luxurious scent of wild ginger adds a refreshing touch, making shampooing a delightful and self-indulgent experience.

• 不使用刺激性的界面活性剂,能温和地洁净所有发质。它绵密细致的泡沫,能让你尽情地享受洗发的乐趣,是一款充满极致宠爱感的洗发精。

• 它能给予发丝刚刚好的水分,在清洁的同时亦能保护发色、明亮发丝。能温和地洁净所有发质,即使是敏感肤质都能安心地使用。

• 来自野姜清新的奢华气息,让洗发成为宠爱自己最好的选择。