Obsidian Silk Treatment 220ml/1000ml



This treatment quickly nourishes and revitalizes hair that has been damaged by frequent perms. Here’s why it’s useful:

  • It gives your hair a boost of nutrients right away, keeping it soft and silky.
  • The Silk Repair Effect uses silk protein, natural ceramide, moisturizing PABC, and vitamins to strengthen and hydrate damaged hair.
  • The Silk Coating Effect forms a protective coating on your hair with mineral oils and high-molecular silicone, preventing nutrient loss and safeguarding your hair from external damage.


  • 它立即为您的头发提供营养,使其保持柔软丝滑。
  • 丝绸修复效果使用丝蛋白、天然角鲨烷、保湿PABC和维生素来强化和滋润受损的头发。
  • 丝绸涂层效果通过矿物油和高分子硅油在您的头发上形成保护涂层,防止营养流失,保护头发免受外部损害。

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1000ml, 220ml