GLU Simply Natural Bounce Moisturizing Shampoo 1000ml



Specially for curl enhancing and digital permed hair. This shampoo is Halal. This luxuriously smooth daily hair and scalp conditioner infused with precious Marula Oil instantly delivers deep nutritive benefits to repair dry and damaged hair, smoothens cuticles, leaving hair clump free and silky smooth, lustrous and visibly healthier. Every rinse leaves hair feeling thoroughly refreshed and restores hair to its optimal healthy condition.

专为增强卷曲和数字烫发设计。This shampoo is Halal。此独家配制富含珍贵的马鲁拉油的配方,能有效的中和化学残留物,免除秀发纤续受到伤害、 此外,含有Keratin,能够防止褪色,保护炫整色感,发色持久亮丽。