Lisap Keraplant Intensive Energizing Treatment 100ml



Keraplant Nature Intensive Energizing Treatment promotes hair growth (cell metabolism, oxygenation and micro-circulation). It restores vitality to the hair, making it look thicker, more healthy and shiny. Massaging the scalp stimulates microcirculation, which helps to improve oxygenation of the hair roots. It has a refreshing effect without weighing the hair down.

  • Formulation completely free from PARABENS / DYES
  • Dermatologically tested
  • With certified natural fragrances

Keraplant Nature 强效活力护理促进头发生长(细胞新陈代谢、氧气供应和微循环)。它恢复了头发的活力,使其看起来更加浓密、更健康和有光泽。按摩头皮有助于刺激微循环,改善头发根部的氧气供应。它具有提神的效果,不会使头发变得沉重。

  • 配方完全不含对羟基苯甲酸酯 / 染料
  • 经过皮肤学测试
  • 采用经认证的天然香料